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Smart surveillance and Intelligent Tracking


Public security is one of the pressing concern of an increasingly urbanizing world. Governments and city corporations have understood the importance. After the infamous attack on Mumbai in 2008 Mumbai City corporation has installed six thousand security cameras across the city. In 2017, Delhi Government signed to install 1.4 Lakh security cameras in Delhi. The number of security cams have increased ever since then. Traditional methods of manually monitoring the footage have become impossible due to large datasize. Even analyzing stored data for crime investigation extremely inefficient and painstaking. Finding alternative methods to accelerate surveillance is very crucial to improve the situation of homeland security of the country.

Advanced AI Technology Laboratory – Advait Labs uses cutting edge research to improve the active surveillance. We automate the monitoring using modern AI techniques. This will significantly reduce the manpower requirement for active monitoring. At the same time the the algorithms analyze huge volumes of data and significantly accelerate crime investigation.

We use We use deep learning algorithms in face recognition, crowd density and flow estimation, vehicle tracking to accelerate real time automated tracking.

Real time monitoring can significantly help in preventing crimes, improving public safety, accelerating post-crime investigation, suspect monitoring, crowd and traffic flow and control.


  • City corporations – Police and security forces.
  • Malls, stadiums, airports and railway security.
  • Large residential zone managements(Layouts, Apartments)
  • Educational institutions
  • Public transport security

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